Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

Has your Amazon Seller Account been suspended? We can help you get your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated. You need an Amazon Plan of Action crafted by experts and our Amazon suspension services get you back to selling as quickly as possible.

Here at AEONZ SPN, as a amazon appeal service we specialize in reinstating suspended Amazon Seller Accounts. We completely understand the frustration and empathize with your situation which is why we get to work fast! Our professional response team consists of experienced individuals and includes ex-Amazon employees - we are undoubtedly the experts on constructing a bespoke Amazon Appeal Letter along with a Plan of Action and we will have this delivered to you within 24 to 72 hours. Our aim is to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Get Back To Selling Quickly

Amazon is a purely customer centric industry and imbibes strict rules to be followed by every seller who wishes to join in the market place. A small misplacement of your performance can easily lead to seller account suspension, which can be an exasperating situation for a general seller. We are there to give you expert advice and help you re-instate your account.

Seller Account Suspension Appeal

In any scenario, Amazon may be suspended seller account, as guidelines of Amazon must mandatory to follow otherwise seller account will be suspended and the seller may bear the great loss, may less or no income, orders will be cancelled or Frozen inventory. As everyday amazon is suspended many sellers accounts from Amazon seller central. But instead of worry about it, just call to our Amazon seller central reinstatement expert who can fix you any problem related to amazon suspension or any other.

AEONZ SPN is the reliable one who can sort this problem. Amazon gives another chance to improve our mistake. So, we will do all the process of appealing for reactivation of seller’s account until your seller account reinstated and for this procedure, we require seller document. We take guarantee for activation .

Wide experience on the platforms helps our team to handle suspension reasons such as :

  • Policy violations – Product safety ( including used products, expired product) complaints, Product description differences, Prohibited items

  • Poor account health status – High Order Defect, Late dispatch and Pre-fulfilment rates, confirmation of orders before dispatch

  • Inauthenticity of products – Inauthentic item complaint from customers

  • Related Accounts – Situation where one seller has (accidentally got) more than one account

  • Copyright infringement of products – Intellectual property right from another seller

Most Common Suspension Reasons

  • Section 3 Code of Conduct & Dropshipping

  • Inauthentic or Counterfeit Complaints

  • Intellectual Property Infringement

  • Shipping Template Abuse

  • Fair Pricing Violation

  • Identity Verification

  • Forged & Manipulation of Documents

  • Linked or Related Account

  • Sales Velocity

  • Restricted Product Violation

  • Valid Tracking Rate

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR)

  • Late Shipment Rate (LSR)

  • Dropshipping Violation FBM Deactivated

  • Pre-Fulfilment Cancel Rate

  • Section-3 Amazon Business Solution Agreement

  • Customer Feedback or Product Review Manipulation

  • Invoice Manipulation

  • Misusing ASIN Variation

  • A-Z Claim or Safe-T Claim Violation

  • Invoice Defect Rate Suspension

  • Seller Code of Conduct

  • Product Safety Complaints

  • Listing Policy Violation

  • Used Item Sold as New

  • Expired Item & Wrong Item

  • Product Condition Violation

  • Price Gouging

How We Work?

► We study your amazon account and the reason of suspension Amazon have put.

► We focus on what Amazon needs to hear in order to get the account reinstated and deliver them exactly what they want to get you reinstated.

► We focus on the specifics and write an exclusive strong plan of action for your case. The plan of action delivers effective strategies and course of action along with the root cause matching amazon requirements and standards.

► We begin with an in-depth assessment to determine exact root cause, and consult with you to ensure we understand all the details on your case.

► Then we write unique and successful POA involves with a simple communication of understanding what went wrong, then a clear statement of the actions which we have taken to correct the problem and provide it to you, to send to Amazon.

► Once your appeal is sent, we stay by your side until Amazon accepts it or we have exhausted our extensive resources on your behalf.

► We offer tips and effective strategies in order to make your amazon account suspension free. Our experts write a list of points to be followed to make sure amazon doesn’t hunt your account down again.

How To Start Your Amazon Account Reinstatement?

Don’t react. Avoid reacting and submitting inaccurate or incomplete information. In some cases, Amazon requests a written appeal within 72 hours.

Clarify the problem. Before taking any action, carefully examine the Amazon account suspension notification. What is the policy violation, why is the account being deactivated? In most cases, Amazon shares specific details and reasons.

Respond immediately. Waiting to respond can create bigger problems so make it your priority, but don’t start with Amazon. Reach out to us for a thorough diagnosis and expert advice on next steps.

Avoid multiple appeals too quickly. It’s tempting to submit multiple appeals too quickly. The same appeal with minor revisions isn’t going to help. In fact, it can get your account blocked or banned.

Create your plan. Formulate your plan and write down all the specifics. Don’t send anything to Amazon. Outline your position on why you face an Amazon account suspension, what happened and how it happened. Share what steps you are taking to solve the problem(s). This is a your first step toward submitting a winning appeal.

Contact Us. To validate your findings, write the appeal and manage reinstatement, start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

We go through a detailed, step-by-step process to resolve the queries related to how to get Amazon account unblocked or reinstated.


Understand our process of Amazon ungating services. Our Amazon experts dedicatedly evaluate your case of Amazon account suspension thoroughly. This is done to come across the main reason for the suspension or blocking of your Amazon account. While AEONZ SPN and its team might not lay out the exact reason for the suspension or blocking of your Amazon seller account, we will expect you to come across the reason yourself, and make an appeal out of the same.


Upon the completion of your in-depth analysis of the main reason behind the suspension or deactivation of your Amazon account, we aim at providing a clear & detailed explanation of the main reason or motive behind the account suspension. This helps in laying out the Amazon account suspension appeal for your seller account.

Plan of Action

Finally, our team will proceed with drafting a concise & easy to conclude Appeal Letter on the seller’s behalf. The Appeal Letter that our team prepares is aimed at outlining the root cause of the Amazon account suspension and the relevant steps you will be taking to prevent any further complaint.

Prevention Strategy

Make the most of your online business as a seller on Amazon. At AEONZ SPN, we also provide relevant prevention tips and strategies to help the sellers maintain their accounts intact for increased profits.

100% Guarantee

With over a decade of experience in online commerce appeals, our team of professionals has been assembled from some of the most talented people in the online commerce and legal fields. This ensures that when you hire us, you get all of the skills and expertise necessary to have the best possible chance of reinstatement. 100% Success Rate.